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17th April 2020

The Sleepover!

The morning routine in this house, is like that in most homes, I suspect: Same pattern, slow motion until first cuppa and a gentle awakening of senses till the POW of the duties of the day come in!

Recently, I’ve been getting up first to make the tea to bring to bed – and, as a cuppa brought to bed is the BIGGEST luxury in my life, believe me, I don’t get up easily!

However, I’ve got extra responsibilities now in the form of the Hill Top Gang of stray cats, who’ve chosen us as their, “Human targets”” and expect to be fed breakfast and tea, at approximately the same time every day – or they sing. Loudly. And it annoys Barney!

So, while the kettle is boiling, I sneak downstairs to where my car is parked and feed them at separate points, or Brucie eats everyone’s food!

I was sad today because, Angel, the new Kit on the Block, was nowhere to be seen. I was sure I’d heard her as I was putting the kettle on and expected to see her sitting on the doorstep with Brucie, as I opened the door but no, she wasn’t there.

Breakfast served, tea made and Tony got up and went downstairs – to find Angel, snuggled up on the cushion on one of the dining room chairs, where she’d obviously spent the night and from where I’d heard her crying earlier but didn’t see her!

As Barney, at 65 kilos of cat hating dog, had been in the house all night and starts his very long sleep close to the dining table, I was surprised Angel had come in – and very relieved she was safe and obviously unhurt!

Seems Barney hadn’t seen her! He is such a lummox! She”s probably sneaked past him while he was snoring then settled down for the night. He has come upstairs for his main, heavily snoring sleep – and she’s been cosy as anything!

He’s even let me feed her a full tin of tuna, on the doorstep, while he stayed upstairs!

They’ve either made a pact to be kind to each other or, more likely, Barney hasn’t noticed her yet and she is clever enough to , ‘have the measure of him”.

I think I’ll be getting up even earlier to check on who is sleeping over from now on!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter from a calm, peaceful and full of love, Cyprus!

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