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1st January 2010

The Skimmer Frog

For the past few weeks, Tony has been doing a daily rescue for the tiny little green frog who seemed to have fallen in love with one of the skimmer baskets in our pool….

The routine was the same: little green frog sang his heart out and Tony went to find him, lifting him gently out of the skimmer basket (after he’d ‘shown off’ a little, stretching his long legs), then Tony would put him out onto the rocks of the garden, away from the pool.

Each evening, little frog came back, sang and the game started again….

Sadly, this morning, there is no song. This sweet little creature slept his final sleep in the skimmer, where we’ve found him this morning. Tony has lifted him gently onto ‘his’ rock where we know he’ll rest peacefully….

Very sad……

Category: Cyprus Villas News