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3rd August 2021

The Singing Tree.

I love my garden!

In fact, I love all gardens and forests and meadows and hills and valleys…………everything living and blossoming! Just a joy to be around……

I particularly love my garden because Tony, my green fingered husband, has grown and nurtured it from scratch. Sometimes quite literally ”scratch” as its mainly rocks, which are part of the ”sacred mountain” which stands above Peyia village.

Now, almost 22 years on from the build of the house, the garden has colour all year around and is home to some beautiful , Mediterranean shrubs and flowers. We’ve a ”friends garden” where the many guests over the years, have bought us plants as a thank you for staying, so most shrubs and flowers, not only look beautiful but have stories attached to them! Lovely!

Now Big Yukka, who was planted as a small ”y”, 20 years back, stands proudly at the gate to our garden. He’s majestic. Healthy and strong, he commands respect as you walk past him – and I cannot help but rub his bark and thank him for looking out for us.

It feels to me that he could tell many stories: he’s watched the comings and goings at our home. Seen tears and laughers, furry friends in resident and many who simply pass through for food and water. He’s quietly partied with us and lets the birds collect in his leaves: I reckon he is the gentleman of Yukka trees!

So I decided to give him his voice!

He stands tall in the winds but I know the elements of nature , the rain , wind and sun, each touch him and leave their small mark on him – so it’s time he ”spoke” back.

As he’s happy and brings joy to us, I’ve adorned him with chimes; some with bells , some with glass strands; some sparkly and some plain – all working together to ”sing” when the breezes blow through and Yukka wants to join in with their happiness!

So he is now, The Singing Tree! Sending out beautiful, gentle breaths of calm like magic, into the air……..

Tony isn’t entirely impressed! We both know that when the heavy winds blow – and they do on the hill – The Singing Tree will become the Screaming At The Top of His Voice Tree – and I’ll have to move the chimes for a while.

I don’t care.

Big Yukka has a voice – and I have beautiful, gentle music to soothe and calm after a day with holiday villa arrivals and departures!

It’s all good!