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10th February 2011

The shape of things to come….

Lying in bed this morning, enjoying my first cuppa of the day, I was musing over the day ahead, looking forward to welcoming guests to Villa Stavroulla in Peyia, Villas Marina Sunset, Coral and Kayto in Coral Bay and the lovely apartment Isis , in Peyia……………a strange thought came into my mind as I watched my “Adonis” make his way to the bathroom, simultaneously scratching his itch, clearing his throat and practising the age old adage, “better out than in”…………how come a sculptured V shape person turns into a generous O shape seemingly overnight?
And who sneaked in and cloaked my (longtime ago)slim body in this double figure 8, tyre like covering? I know its better to be slightly more cuddly than less but really, there should be limits!
I reckon god has a huge sense of humour – and lots of spare flesh that she shares out to people North of 40!

Category: Cyprus Villas News