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19th February 2019

The Serious Incident of the Garden v Ailments Project!

Well Marlena Dramatica, my most wonderful though very crazy Mum is ”at it ” again……

Mum lives in a very lovely, small complex of accommodation for older people who need a little óverseeing” (! – little? – have you met her?!) but prefer independent living. Her apartment is ground floor, very pretty and she has it beautifully decorated.

It also has a pretty, ”how very dare they” garden at the front, as do each of the ground floor apartments – and here is where the problem begins…..

Mum is, very sadly, housebound. Struggling with COPD and serious arthritis, she is unable to get about, never mind garden. She has a , ”much younger and far fitter than I, Darling”, neighbour (male), who has a car, gets out and about, calls in to share whiskey with Mum – and is very pleasant. He’s also very clever and somehow managed to get the managers of the apartments, to ”do” his bit of the garden at his front door, free of charge and very nicely too!

So Mum and neighbours, are now up in arms. Or would be, if they could lift them and punch him! Seems the choice the managers have made, has caused a MAJOR INCIDENT on the small complex – and now all of the inmates on the ground floor, want their garden done! And to be fair, most, including my Mum, are completely incapable of ”doing” so, if ”doing” is being ”done”, then it should be for the less able…

Which is where this started. ….. apparently, it has now been decided by Marlena Dramatica that I’m the woman to sort this! From 4500 miles away and without any chance to discuss this amicably with the managers or the opportunity to find a ”man who can do”………So, it’s a bloomin” problem I want to help with but I know it’s going to blossom into BIG trouble! Wish me luck! As they say, you can pick your friends but not the weeds, so to speak…

Anyway, luckily the bouquet of villas and apartments I look after, are well maintained and carefully loved/looked after, so if you are thinking of a sunshine holiday on the garden of Cyprus, drop me an email to