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1st January 2010

The September Club

Tony and I had lunch yesterday with Thelma and Jim, friends who we met many years ago whilst we were all holidaying in Limassol, Cyprus. Thelma and Jim, like many, many people from the UK, used to go to Limassol every September – but then they found the delights of Paphos and Coral Bay, so holiday here instead! Thelma and Jim are two of many of the September Club who come to Coral Bay now.

It was great fun sitting down at the sea front of Coral Bay, reminiscing about the 20 years plus of visiting Cyprus which we’ve all done. None of us can say exactly what it is that brought us back year in , year out – and Tony and I particularly find it difficult to say exactly why we moved here: but the word we all used was , “Home” – it feels like home.

Thelma and Jim are in their 70s now and like us, have loved Cyprus for 20 plus years. Every year, they’ve found something new and wonderful about the island. Every year, as they did yesterday, they consider coming to live on the south western coast of this lovely island………..

Yesterday, at Yialos taverna, between Coral Bay and Sea Caves, the four of us thanked our lucky stars that we were there, at that moment, as Jim put it so well, “Living , not just being alive”………….

I cannot think of a better way to explain how it is here than repeating the words Jim used. Age doesn’t matter, time of year doesn’t matter – Coral Bay, Cyprus is definitely a “place for all seasons and people”.

Come on, what are you waiting for?…….