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12th October 2011

The rollercoaster that is love…………

Alfie dog has had a very bad week. He’s been poorly for a few years now but this past week has seen a dip in his energies/interest and general day to day “stuff”.

We couldn’t stand it any longer today: we’re both losing sleep worrying about him and trying to work out what is the best thing for him/when etc – and we’re trying not to be selfish. Also, we don’t want to hurt Molly, who adores her big brother, or Jake monster pup, who loves to tease and play with him. Charlie cat thinks Alfie is the business – so its so very tough but………….of to the vets we’ve been. Annie and Nicolas got a shock at how much weight Alf had lost and were horrified by the huge lump he is “wearing ” on his shoulder. They took blood tests and a sample from him lump and sent us home, gently advising us he didn’t look good…..

Two hours and tons of tears later, they’ve called: Alfies blood tests are FANTASTIC: he’s fought off his liver disease and his bloods are good. He does need this lump removed – and also some medication for dementia (as does tony!) BUT we don’t have to make any major decisions imminently.

I’ve cried and cried with happiness and relief – then realised this is simply another stepping stone towards the inevitable; part of the price to be paid for loving an animal who has enrichened our lives.

Thank god Alfie can be treated again for a while to come. Thank god for him. Fullstop.

One thing did make me smile: Christos, our a/c engineer who was in our home fixing something, asked me in his wonderful English, “Is Alfie silk?” No, Christos, He’s not silk, he’s gold dust and we are so very lucky to be sharing this life with him


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