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1st January 2010

the right way?

Tony and I have been delighted this weekend, to have the son of our oldest friends and his fiance, to stay with us. George is currently based here in Cyprus and Rebecca, lives in UK, so she flew out to meet him and come to our home.

We did have a little bit of a worry on Friday when Rebecca couldn’t find Gatwick airport and missed her flight…..not the first time anyone has done this but as her job is as part of the forces defence of UK, the thought that she, in her excellence, couldnt find the target, was seriously worrying!

Well, not really but we’ve teased her constantly about this and I suspect the story will become part of the family folklore.

We’ve spent the weekend sorting out their wedding in Peyia. I’m so excited and its not till August. Has made me feel all gooey and girlie – so Tony is staying out of my way!!

With the wedding party staying in Villas Melanie and Enjoy in Coral Bay, we’ve a lot to look forward to at the end of July. Wonder if we could fit in a blessing for us on Tonys birthday 1st August?

Apparently, without asking the audience or phoning a friend, the answer is NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT AND DON’T ASK ME AGAIN!

Category: Cyprus Villas News