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1st January 2010

The Result.


What a start !! well i should say what a result. I have never seen such a one sided game in all my life …. for the wrong team to win. Salaminas were all over us like a rash, well organised , quick and wanted to win . Peyia were too slow, seemed lethargic, totally outclassed yet rode their luck after Salaminas had scored in the first 30 seconds of the game. Peyia scored 3 times before half time. second half ,same as the first Salaminas scored from the kick off and Peyia defended for the rest of te half scoring the fourth goal in the last few seconds of the game……i can hear you say how can they be that poor and win !!! four stunning goals. every one a gem and if they score four goals like that in the rest of the season i will eat hay with the goats….

Anyway, the crowd was around the 5000 mark, not all from Peyia, ( someone had to feed and water the tourists ) and the vast majority of them went home happy with the result, and i`m sure through rose coloured glasses a few have us as championship contenders already

We will see what the next weeks have in store………… fingers , arms and legs crossed.

Category: Cyprus Villas News