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1st January 2010

The Regent ‘In Big Charge’

Its been a day of mixed blessings. Very happy guests in our holiday villas and apartments. Chadis guests are loving the sunshine and gentle evenings. Guests in Syrinx apartment, cannot get over the view they have………….its all good…

At home, things arent going so well. Alfie dog is getting very tired and , though still mischievous, is settling down ready to hand over his ‘in big charge’ crown to Molly. Now Molly has been ‘in little charge’ for almost 10 years so you’d have thought she’d have cracked it by now but no, she just wants to dig up plants, steal socks and generally ‘busy herself’ with ‘stuff’ , leaving no-one in charge at all.

I can see Alfies dilema: he loves us and doesn’t want to go to Big Rest leaving us without guidance. Molly loves us too but also loves ‘doing things’ so is a little distracted. Jake has gone on ahead, preparing the party for his brothers arrival in Heaven – and Charlie, well, he’s a CAT for goodness sake, so what good is he?…..

So we’ve had a family waggy tail meeting and tried to divvy up some ‘in big charge’ chores for the next day or so , so we can test Molly and see what is needed……….

Will let you know how our little ‘Regent’ is doing……

Category: Cyprus Villas News