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1st January 2010

The power of three

I was hoodwinked this morning by a local gang in Coral Bay, whose tactics were tried and tested and I was so innocent, I didn’t see what was coming!

Going to the villas in Coral Bay, near the Aquasol Hotel, I was there to checkout three families who’ve been here for 2 weeks and who’ve had a fantastic time. Walking door to door, I gently knocked to let them know I was there and taxis were on the way – and I was followed by a tiny white kitten who was wearing someone elses ginger and brown tail. He was cute as anything and patiently waited at each gate as I spoke to the people in the villas…..

Each of the three front doors now opened, the guests were listing for me what was in the fridge and asking what to leave/throw out (we always leave new food/drink for our wonderful cleaning team), when my little kitten friend starting shouting from the gate and I noticed another, tabby kitten “talking ” to him.

The talk got a little animated, so I went to intervene – and a third kitten who was hiding behind in a bush in the villa where I was standing, took the opportunity of my not looking, to rush into the open villa. I went to get him – and the other two rushed into the open villa next door!

So, three open villas, food to be had and three little cheeky kittens to deal with , to say nothing of the taxis which had now arrived. The guests just laughed, said their goodbyes and left me to it. I just gave up chasing little ginger tail and sat on the step of one on the villas…….

Then remembered tuna!

Banging a spoon onto the side of a plate filled with tuna, did the trick and three little faces appeared to be fed – then a fourth, fifth, sixth……….

Oh dear! I’m down there again in an hour to do the checkins and am taking some kitten supplies with me just in case I need some help!