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1st January 2010

The power of prayer ……

Almost two weeks ago, the Archbishop here in Nicosia, led prayers for rain for the island. We’ve had an incredibly long and hot main season and the reservoirs were looking a little empty plus there have been a few challenges in one or two villas with the low water pressure……….and it has rained!

Since last Friday, we’ve had daily, generous showers of real, proper and very heavy rain. Luckily, most has fallen at night and been accompanied by spectacular thunder and lightning – but it HAS rained!

The sun joins in for a few hours each day, taking the temperature up to respectable 20 plus degrees but the storms are lurking on the horizon.

As I’m doing this note, I can see angry clouds gathering over the coastline of Coral Bay and Paphos – and I’m sure they are ready to open up and share their offerings with us at any time.

Yesterday, it was a beautiful morning. I skipped happily down the steps of our villa to my car, by which time I was totally soaked because the rain storm started just as I’d put my housekeys in my bag and was at the mid point of a (very) short walk to the car, so it seemed daft to turn back. Totally wasted walk: I had to come straight back home and get changed/dried off anyway.

Am off out now – but my trusty brolly is at the front door!

Correction, WAS at the front door: it seems Jake has taken it for a “walk” around the pool……………

Category: Cyprus Villas News