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1st January 2010

The Peyia dawn chorus

Its now 10.30am on a lovely cyprus Saturday morning and Tony has had the great pleasure of seeing in the dawn: in fact, he has been up since 5.15am when Jake the puppy began to “howl” and cry……..Alfie is thrilled: he and Jake went for a walk up the hill at 5.45am – and Molly, Charlie and I stayed in bed and left them to it! (Tiff is an old lady cat now and simply does her own thing, privately, so she isn’t bothered in the least!).

Jake has now spent the morning IN the house, slobbering over everything and everybody and stealing shoes to chew. Molly came downstairs with me at around 8.30am ,(see, I’m very supportive, normally stay in bed till after 9 on a Saturday!), and she set about “reading the riot act” to Jake – from the relative safety of the top of the settee where, if Molly rises to full height, she could almost look Jake in the eye!

The puppy thinks its all marvellous! He’s got friends, things to chew, food on tap, water to throw everywhere, has found a few footballs (though got into trouble for taking Alfies favourite green and white one, which alfie burst a few weeks ago ) – and Jake has people who talk to him: okay, shout at him at the moment but he doesn’t seem to mind any of that at all.

Is this going to work? We’ll see. Cannot see ever getting to Coral Bay or Peyia to shop again, without worrying about what damage I’ll come home to. Holidays are out – unless we find a totally dog crazy person who REALLY wants this much hassle – and as for swimming with the dogs in the sea, are you mad? Its hard enough catching Molly once she gets revved up to swim, so three of them would be impossible! Jakes shambolic breed mix would also mean he wouldn’t know whether to save us (Newfoundland), give us a brandy when we get out (St Bernard) or eat us all, (apparently Japanese Akitas don’t like other dogs/people or water!).

Okay, so life here in Peyia is now being dedicated to animals and constant cups of tea to stay awake after lack of decent sleep……….nothing new there then!

I’m off to put the kettle on!

Category: Cyprus Villas News