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22nd October 2014

The patient world of checking in holiday villa guests

Emma and I share a very strange out of office life: every holiday villa or apartment guest, is met on arrival either at their chosen property or in a meeting place, just off photo la strata at sunset

Guests are asked to ring us as they leave the airport in Paphos, approximately 30 mins away and we go to meet them often waiting (like today ) up to 2.5 hours till they arrive – mainly because they get excited and go straight to the sea or stop en route and go food shopping – but we wait, because it matters and we need to know they are safe.

With half term upon us, today has been manic. We split the shifts, set a plan and still overlapped and were left worrying about some ‘late ‘ guests and frustrated at some late checkouts who’d insisted we were there at a certain time but kept me waiting 40 mins while they showered and packed..

Still, the customers are always right and we love our customers. Waiting time is good thinking time – and gorgeous to do in this very lovely Autumn ‘kind ‘ sunshine . I’ve hatched many a  plot sat in the layby near Phidias Taverna waiting for holiday guests! Am sure Emma does the same!

The most important thing is that the guests are safe, happy , love their villa on arrival and have loved their holiday, on departure. Today was a GREAT day, despite how busy it was. I’m home, content everyone is delighted with their holiday home and happy those on their way back to UK,, have had a ball!

My last checkout today was at La Strata where guests who’ve chosen this villa 4 times now, left happily. Checking all was locked up, I couldn’t help but stand and look at how pretty the garden and pool area were in the October light. Thought I’d share it with you (above). We’ve still got availability for November and December sun: email to me on and I’ll tell all. Will happily wait for your email too!