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14th August 2015

The other man in my life in Cyprus!

Oh, I can hardly wait for Tuesday mornings anymore! For one blissful hour, my new best friend George Stylianou, has his hands on my body and the results are starting to show (though the blushes started immediately!).

George is the Director and Founder of GSphysiomed in Paphos, which is, in a nutshell, a centre for rehabilitation and physiotherapy – and I’m living proof that this man knows what he is doing: his business deserves every success.

I’m still ‘in recovery’ after surgery on a horrible double fracture in my spine, which caused so much pain and discomfort, even ‘donning ‘ my lippie and normally positive ‘face’, didn’t help me. I’ve cried and cried about the pain  – and in fear of doing anything which will make this injury worse.

Then I met George, thanks to Dave and Kerry who own Spa Tonic in Coral Bay, where George has a clinic once per week. Six weeks into my physio plan, I’m feeling amazing, my posture is better, strength is returning and, best of all, I can ‘get past’ the fears of doing myself another horrible injury and have started to live fully again. George is amazing!

If you are coming here on holiday, or to live for a while and are nursing old injuries or fears connected to eg post op surgery or anything which is physically disabling, please ring George: 00 357 26910067. Not only is he an expert in his field, he also listens and seeks to understand the ‘full person’ – and having to listen to me, as Tony will tell you, isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to do!

I’m deeply grateful to George for his care and patience with me – and for his guidance and encouragement. A somewhat stubborn and very private woman, it takes a lot for me to open up and speak truthfully about how I’m feeling – but George has ‘got me’- and now has my muscular frame moving towards normality and that’s something I’m so very happy about.

With luck, I’ll be back to full capacity in no time – but I’m enjoying the journey now and just know you would too! Combine a villa in the sunshine with some TLC from George and his team! Worth every penny!

Pictured below, the perfect body of Barney T Rubble, on ‘lookout’ duties!

photo barney watching goats