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21st December 2016

The ONLY vets for us!

Thanks to Nikolas and his excellent team at OnlyVets in Peyia, Barney T Rubble is now home safely after the op to repair his cruciate ligament, yesterday.

looking very sorry for himself but delighted to be home, being cuddled up to his best friend, Ted and his little sister, Molly Mou, Barney is obviously ”whacked out” after his experience and is sleeping in front of the fire, snoring gently and waking occasionally to check his surroundings.

Tony has his hands full! Not only has he had to carry this 62 kilo monster dog up the steps to our home on the hill but he’s also got to care for him and for me, as we each get strong after our individual surgeries. I’m doing great now, if not still a little sore so am happy for all attention and TLC to be on my big furry son! The house was so very empty without him!

So bring on Christmas! Thank god, we’re all well and will get fitter. Tony needs some RnR , (so watch out The Great Raymondodoulou – you’re on ‘ taking tony out ” duties!).

Now, having been reunited with Barney AND my laptop in one happy morning, it’s time to BLOG THOSE VILLA HOLIDAYS! With August 2017 almost fully booked in our villas and apartments, get your enquiries over soon! Email to

Photo is of Barney and Ted!

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