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1st January 2010

The not so hair bare bunch

Alfie, Molly and Jake have each been for a pamper today. Molly went first and came back home with a very fetching centre parting and beautifully soft flowing hair. She immediately went into the garden and rolled in the mud!
Alf was next: he looked like a puppy when he was done: short hair, long legs and very cute face. He obviously thought he was the “bees knees”too coz he strutted his stuff up and down outside our office, wagging his tail as he held his head up high.

Jake too ages to be done. We had to stop halfway through as he got a little agitated: turned out he needed a “monster wee” which lasted almost 4 minutes and caused Tony, who had hold of him on his leash, a huge amount of embarrassment! Once finished, he looked fabulous. His markings close to his skin, are very dalmation-ish , though he looks like his is wearing a saddle bag.
Tonight Alfie continues to be proud, Molly is asleep (well, its past her bedtime) and Jake is still looking everywhere for his hair!….

I’m taking each of them , separately, to the checkins to Villa Iremia, Villa Garlands, and Villa Enjoy in Coral Bay over the weekend. I think the guests will love them!

Category: Cyprus Villas News