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5th August 2013

The night before………….

Well, we’ve all survived a hen night, followed by a gorgeous pre wedding lunch at Blue Olive and tonight is The Night of the Stags…….

Tony is playing out with Great Raymondodoulou, The Grandad, his brother The Real Gordon and friends – so I think its going to be like ‘Last of the Summer Wine in the Sunshine’…..

The boys (?) are staying here overnight, ready for the nuptials and the ‘condemned mans brekkie’ tomorrow…..

Bridezilla is being calmed and loved by the wonderful Margaret and I’m just in the shadows, cleaning and tidying and earwigging the male (lack of) conversation…………..Tomorrow for Margaret and I is a flurry of flowers and table settings, tears and great speeches….. and if we are lucky, the small matter of a much longed for wedding for two of the best people in the universe!

….oh and did I mention that the heatwave we’ve been having has begun to lose itself to clouds and its going to rain tomorrow?…. Who cares! We’ll all have sunshine and love in our hearts!

Watch this space!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News