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8th August 2015

The next arrival here at home in Peyia!

Oh dear! Its D-day minus 4 here on the hill. Tony Without Teeth (tonys mum) and Wicked William (aged 92 going on 50), arrive on Wednesday night. They are staying with us for only 53 hours until Mike, Tonys brother , Kay and the children arrive – then they all move into the lovely Villa Lily May in Peyia.

Well, that’s the plan but plans, as we all know, have a habit of going wrong. This plan is destined for a few hiccups and I can feel the problems growing by the moment. For example:

– Tony without Teeth doesn’t like the sun – but she loves spending time with her grandchildren.

– Tony without Teeth doesn’t really like the pool but her grandchildren love to swim especially in the sun

– Wicked William cannot hear anything and Tony Without Teeth likes a fight, so she shouts and needs someone to respond…but the grandchildren don’t like fighting or shouting

– I’m a good cook and pour a mean GnT – regularly. Wicked William likes a regular GnT – and likes to be regular and Lily May doesn’t have as many toilets as our home has but it will have more people so, proportionately, the chances of Wicked William being able to enjoy his regular life with ease, are slimmer if he does go to stay in Lily May…….

…….so dear reader, it seems we are doomed and it looks likely the Lily May Lot may simply become Hillbellies and I’ll have an awful lot of cooking to do!

Want to come and help? Email to I might even be able to get you a last minute deal on Lily May coz I figure it will be empty by Saturday!

(Wicked William , pictured below, waiting for his GnT x 4!)

photo wicked william in the garden