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1st January 2010

The New Kitty on the Block returns!

Oh dear! Our neighbours in Peyia returned yesterday from 3 long months in the Aussie sunshine and , though we are pleased to see them back, their return marks the return of Gus, their cat…..

Gus looks like Charlie, our monster cat but Gus is far more mature in both years and cattitude and doesn’t hold with Charlies nonsense. When these neighbours first moved in, Charlie delighted in climbing into their house, through the open kitchen window and stealing Gus” food. As Gus is a little elderly, his people mummy makes him eg steak and kidney, mince and gravy and other delights which our poor, long suffering cat can only dream of! He is SO badly done to – or so he would lead you to believe!…

Anyway, Gus and his people got pretty fed up with Charlie and his antics pre Christmas. Charlie got more and more naughty, even sneaking in , eating the food then stealing Gus’ seat too! THEN he had the cheek to take some feral friends in through the window with him!

Gus’s little trip to a cattery has obviously toughened him up: today, on his return home, Charlie duly set off purposely to put Gus firmly in his place as number 2 on the hill and to put Gus’s food safely in his own tummy – but Gus is having none of it! So far, Charlie has only managed to climb onto the wall before Gus has made a move towards him. So Charlie took Jake the crazy puppy with him – but Jake is a big softie and was scared of Gus so came home (and it was Jakes teatime so he wasn’t going to leave a full bowl only to help out a cat!).

Charlie is now sitting on the settee, cleaning his paws and sharpening his claws. I swear his is packing his pockets with weapons too and planning a strategy to put Gus firmly in his place! Jake is asleep having eaten his fill and Molly and Alfie are too busy barking at the goats, who are currently on our pergola eating the vine, to have any time to help Charlie!

I think our cheeky little cat just may be about to learn a hard lesson in territory or lack of it! I’ll let you know!

Category: Cyprus Villas News