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26th August 2015

The New Kit on the Block!

One of the regular questions we get asked about the lovely holiday villas and apartments which we look after is, “is there a washing machine?”. As each of the properties are fully fitted, the answer is always , “Yes”. Course we don’t need tumble dryers here coz the big hot thing in the sky, dries things almost instantly, if a little ‘crispy’ sometimes!

Probably the only things now supplied by the owners of holiday properties, are pool and beach towels – and this is purely because, due to the necessity for using stronger and stronger suntan lotions, its impossible to keep down costs of villas if you need to replace these every 2 weeks. Our advice to holiday makers is, buy cheap pool and beach towels while you are here and just dispose of them when you leave – eg the animal charities here are very pleased to accept them to help keep the many dogs and cats cosy!

Living here, we obviously need to be ‘fully equipped’ too (LOL)! Yesterday, part of our ‘living kitchen’, gave its final shudder and has had to go to live with the washing machines in the sky! The new one is totally fab (and running an ECO wash as I blog!) – but I don’t quite know how to break it to Carole, that there is No FnSpin here anymore………she’ll be gutted!

I’m putting a photo of the new kit here , so she can fall in love with it before she arrives!……

If you’d like to checkout the equipment we have in villas for your holiday in Autumn sunshine or ready for 2016, email to and I’ll match you to some very lovely appliances , wrapped in a holiday villa or apartment!

photo washing machine