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1st January 2010

The Neighbourhood

We’ve got new neighbours next door in Peyia. They seem very nice and very understanding.

Why? Well it turns out that they’ve got a cat who Charlie cat has taken to bullying every afternoon. We had heard the cat fights at night, so have started to lock Charlie up from 9pm. Last night, this didn’t help and the cat fights began in the early hours.

Talking to our neighbours today, we discovered that Charlie calls in to see them every afternoon: literally drops in through the kitchen window to say hello and steal their cats food!!

I was so embarrassed but when the lady also added that she gets up every morning to find 3 other cats, feral cats from the hill, sitting in the kitchen, I felt a bit better……..

Until she added that sometimes, a very flat faced, grumpy cat also pops in and steals from her and that this cat is the “funniest looking thing she has ever seen!”………

This “monster cat” is our shy, English blue, Ena Sharples look alike cat, Tiff and I won’t have her called names!! Called a thief is okay but “funny looking” isn’t. Poor thing could develop a complex!

Oh, I can hear Charlie and his new enemy back “at it” on the wall. Time for reinforcements in the form of Charlies big brothers and Molly mou………

Category: Cyprus Villas News