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6th June 2014

The Naughty Chair!

I went to a local bank where one of our lovely villa owners, keeps his account. Its not my normal bank so I was very interested to see the ‘set up’.

The bank is lovely! You are invited in and offered a SEAT in front of the teller – but when I sat down, the seat was so very low , I could barely see over the counter. I asked the teller if this was the ‘naughty seat’ and he laughed, explaining to me that they prefer not to have a screen in front of the tellers, so have made the seats low , so , ‘you cannot reach over the counter and take anything off my desk’……

I felt like I was being interviewed by someone ‘VERY IMPORTANT” and was being intimidated so that I behaved – till our conversation turned from money deposit to the best wine to eat with fish. The teller was a red wine man and I”m a white wine girl, so we got on well – and I swear he pressed a button which was hidden somewhere but which made my chair rise up a little!

I like this bank! Might even pop in again, just to take the weight of my feet and talk food and beverages. By the time I’d left, all three tellers were involved in our chat and each of them had a ‘cypriot’ opinion on the subject matter – and they just couldn’t help but talk over each other. Certainly got my interest!

If you’d like to come to a holiday villa where the chairs are actually the right height for the tables, email to me on and I’ll invite you to take a seat at some of the best villas in the Coral Bay area.