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2nd May 2014

The natural wonder of Cyprus

photo yialos at sunsetThe photograph in this blog, is of a sunset taken at Yialos Tavern, just between Coral Bay and Sea Caves. The photo cannot do justice to the colours in the skies or the ‘magic’ felt in the air as the sun finishes her daily duties on this side of the world and slips quietly to the other side to begin her work there.

Looking from the taverna, out to sea, the palm trees become silhouetted in the setting sun, seeming almost unreal in their blackness. The world seems to still; no sounds as the golden glow turns more orange, then pink, mixes with the shadows of the night then slips into the water, leaving magnificent stretches of mixed colours then fades to full night. Its a total natural beauty and wonder.

Sometimes, I think that one of the reasons people love to travel to Cyprus so much, is that we get to marvel daily at the beauty of the best of nature: from the relentless , mysterious seas to the bright and colourful skies. Rain, when it comes , is solid , heavy then gone and the heat takes over. Colours are true, natural and uninhibited by eg ‘tampering’ or ‘design’: its just the natural world in a raw state and it brings a peace to a busy heart and mind, that is so often missing in the rushing world of daily working life in cities and towns worldwide.

Maybe its simply the opportunity to ‘stop for a while’ during a much needed holiday, which gives a person the chance to look again at what is there in the world: its like the feeling you get in UK when spring is coming and the daffodils start to bloom, having fought off the winter roughness and cold – but living here its like that everyday and we are so very lucky.

Possibly its just remembering to look at what nature gives: her gifts are everywhere, not only in Cyprus. From the rolling magnificence of the Northumberland coast to the white sands of Tiaman to the top of the Alps – the power of what we belong to, stands firm around us.

That said, Cyprus is special: raw in places; busy in others; trying hard in most but warm and wonderful in all parts. Its an island on which to come and heal – and I’ll be bringing my Mum back from UK with me after Jims funeral next week, to do just that.

Come and see the sunsets for yourself: they will make you remember just how special life can be. Email to me on

ps: Course, if I ever learn to use this technology properly, I might even post a photo the right way up LOL! Didn’t want to make this blog TOO serious, did I?