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26th August 2017

The Nanna Dumpling!

Well, there are times in life when having a sense of humour and being comfortable in your own skin, comes in VERY handy!

Whilst I’d love to be a size 10; be under 45 years old; have no grey hairs and still have a waistline, life is good and there is plenty to smile about. Two recent ”happenings” make me laugh – and thank god they do!

Let me explain, I’m in a posh restaurant in Limassol, where the ladies loos are upstairs and you travel by lift. I get in and am followed by one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my life! She is tall, around 6’3″ in endless elegant heels; very slim and wearing the most stunning gossamer /silk/lace clingy dress. I was star struck!

Not even acknowledging my much smaller, much rounder and much more conservative style, she follows me to the ladies where the literally looks down on me, sneers and asks me to take her dress off! How? I wasn’t wearing it – and the one I had on was certainly not her style! Seems she got dressed in such a hurry because, (and I quote in a heavy Russian accent): “my man arrived early and he doesn’t like to wait outside in his Ferrari so my dress is not on properly. It is wrinkled and I look fat”……. So I dutifully unzipped the vision and assisted while she laid it carefully back around her tiny frame, noting that she had a VERY hungry bottom which had all but eaten her lace thing thong! Without a backward glance, she let the loos in a haze of expensive perfume and I stood looking like an idiot and feeling like an aged dumpling!

Then our grandson, Alfie, aged 8, is sitting with me in the swimming pool yesterday and says, “”I’m not being funny but you look old and your teeth are yellow”………

So maybe I shouldn’t laugh too much till I’ve found some whitener, grown a few inches taller and sought botox! Or maybe I’ll just keep smiling at the silly things that are part of day to day life!

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