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1st January 2010

The name of the game ….

Some of our villa owners have very interesting jobs. When we get to know them well and we invite them either to our home in Peyia, or to come out with us, its great getting to know more about them and their lives.

For example, the owner of LilyMay, who is also a friend, is farmer whose crop is potato and who supplies the tasty potatoes which become “chips, glorious chips” – so we buy this brand from Phillipos supermarket to support Charlie.

Two others, specialise in creative stone driveways so, when they visit, I always scrub and clean the entrance steps and flags to our front door.

Jenny and Nick, who own Stavroulla, a gorgeous villa in Peyia, are dentists: we went to dinner with them last night and I flossed like crazy beforehand, just in case anything unsightly was lurking in my gums!

One of the villas in Peyia is owned by a lady from British Airways, so we recommend using “her” airline and another, by a brain surgeon, so we “swot” up before meeting with him, in case he is checking out our grey matter.

Next week, we’re meeting a man who has bought a villa and is a “ladies doctor”. Tony says he’ll always deal with this man himself…..

Category: Cyprus Villas News