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30th April 2014

The naked truth about your holiday?

At , we like to keep up to date and offer to our customers, the best of everything from accommodation to local information to care etc . So we all read the latest news/try to keep up with trends etc BUT to a woman, we were taken aback by the announcement yesterday that naked yoga holidays are becoming ‘the thing’.

The discussion in the office was graphic! Mark worried about what the stretching would do to the limbs of the older customers we have, whose knees aren’t what they used to be. Emma who is on a diet and looking fab, was concerned that people who, like her and I , were trying to lose some ‘timber’, might feel a little intimidated by shedding their clothes when the ‘lovelies’ were there too. Sam(antha) was more basic, as she is, and said she’d sell tickets to those who’d pay money to be at the front so they didn’t need to , erm, bend over and look at the ‘person’ bent over in front of them!.

I think the conclusion we came to , was that, spiritual and gentle as yoga can be, the beaches and clifftops of Coral Bay and Peyia, which are frequented often by the traditionally built amongst us, may not be quite ready for such naked ambition! We don’t have the Ibiza 18-30 year old ‘fit’ core tourist market: as Mark commented, a lot of our visitors, were born IN 1830 and may not be up to the challenge  – though they’d have fun trying!

That said, if you’d like to holiday naked or simply have the option to join a naked yoga class, email to me on to tell me what you are looking for and I’ll search the villa layers to find it for you!