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22nd July 2018

The Music of Life

So I was lying in bed this morning listening to the sound of the ceiling fan as it turned, very elegantly, at speed …. Surprisingly tuneful, the sound was soothing too so I was just going back into a snooze, when the village church bells sounded out, causing Barney T Rubble to break into song! (He loves singing with the bells!).

Tony added the ”wind section”, from his deep slumber then the birds began their happy chorus! Add the text, ”pinging” on my phone next to my pillow and there was no chance of getting a lie in!

Getting up and pottering around the kitchen, I’ve been taking notice of the other sounds, most of which go unnoticed: the lid coming off the  milk bottle; the comforting sound of tea being stirred in the T pot; the ”big” cupboard door opening to reveal Barney’s huge tin of biscuits – and those biscuits falling into his bowl, only to be enthusiastically crunched by this tuneful big doggy!

It’s like living in a symphony! A mix of hard and soft, light and heavy sounds…..just lovely!

I’m sure you’d like the sound of the villa and apartment deals we have for winter sunshine , so why not shout out to me by email : and I’ll send you offers to sing about!

have a happy, musical Sunday!