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1st January 2010

The music of life……

My beautiful baby sister, Steph, was with her dad a couple of hours ago while he took his last breath and went to waltz in the heavens…….he’s been so very ill for so long, it will be a blessing for him to be out of pain but I know my sister and everyone who loved him, are now in agony…

Our other sister, Maxine and I, owe Bill a lot. He was there for us when we were very young and even braved a lot of the teenage years with each of us, getting me through to 16/17 then having to put up with Max catching up and playing up. Then, just as life got calm, Steph hit her teens and the band played rock and roll once again……

Life can be very strange and take us all in different directions for many reasons but we each leave a mark on the other. The imprint in my heart from Bill, is music: Sunday afternoon music particularly: I cannot hear a show tune or big band number without remembering the singing and dancing which filled our tiny kitchen in Hebburn. We had little back then but we had rhythym!

I pray the angel orchestra strikes up and welcomes Bill home while the sweet beat of life, keeps my baby sister safe and strong as she pulls her life back on track in the weeks and months ahead.

It takes many movements to make a masterpiece – and the small piece of my life I played out with Bill, will be etched on my lifes score forever…

God Bless x

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