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1st January 2010

The Morning Monsters

Another beautiful Sunday morning has dawned and life in our villa in Peyia, continues as normal. There is something very strange about our home in the mornings: Tony is unable to speak other than grunting, till he’s had 3 mugs of tea – though if The Great Raymondodoulou rang to “talk football” words would flow with abandon!
Charlie Cat cannot jump down from his lookout point to come and get his fresh breakfast, though he jumps this a million times a day – so “mummy person” has to scale the wall to lift big soft cat down and carry him to his food, talking to him while he eats, so he jumps back on the wall and the process begins again!
Jake and Alfie push each other around, vying for the best place near the food, then cry if I don’t handfeed them the first few pieces – which is difficult when I’m trying to keep them apart so they don’t fight over food. And the kettle takes AN AGE to boil!
Still, as I’m the only person rushing out to work, its all got to be done or all hell would break loose!

Better go! Kettle number 2 is boiling, Alfie wants his second bowl of fresh water and I’ve forgotten to let Jake back in , so the big silly puppy is crying at the back door………

Holiday guests are easy in comparison! Have a lovely day!

Category: Cyprus Villas News