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1st January 2010

The Monster Mash!…..

Twas Hallowe’en here too in Cyprus yesterday. All over Coral Bay, bars and restaurants were filled with scary images and frightening things happened……not! Well, the bars were filled with some scary people and the karaoke could be described as “frightening”, in fact, “blood curdling” in some instances – but other than that, the guests holidaying in our villas in Coral Bay and villas in Peyia could have been forgiven for not knowing the significance of 31st October: hallowe’en is no big thing here.

Except in our house, where poor little Molly Mou was positively terrified by what was offered to her, Alfie and Jake for a treat once we’d finished dinner. It was a little bit of a cool evening, so I made an English mince, yorkshire puds, vegetables and mash – and Molly is TERRIFIED of mashed potato!

I put this people dinner treat out on each of three little bowls for the dogs and watched Alfie and Jake wolf theirs down while Molly rang away from her bowl and hid under the settee until she was sure that one of her brothers had walloped her food down as well and the monster mash was safely out of the way!

There are phobias about many things but being scared of mashed potato is certainly new to me. We need a name for this phobia: spudnichtformeitis or mashpotnotology or , my favourite, Mollynonmashedaphobia………suggestions please!

Category: Cyprus Villas News