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16th June 2014

The miracle of kindness?

One of the beautiful places we visited last weekend, was the Holy Monastery of Kykkos, in the Troodos Mountains. Its an incredible place to visit, whether you are religious or not. The riches/beauty/peace and sheer wealth of stories and belief, are overwhelming.

Just walking around the Monastery, made me feel so much lighter – and curious too. Looking through the artefacts, which date back to 4BC, is amazing. Imagining people making the eg jugs/water bowls and other items, really captured my imagination: life really is short but to have left behind such lovely works of art, is very special.

Even more special to me, was the work and love which had gone into the many paintings/books and clothing worn by the monks and bishops over the centuries: its truly amazing.

I want to understand so much so I bought a book called, The Miracles of the Mother of God at the Holy Monastery of Kykkos. The words in each chapter, gave comfort and inspired hope and left me with a feeling that, just maybe the messages in everything I’d read, were that we all need to be a little more kind to one another and to believe in our fellow man more than we do: we’re all in this together.

Course, that is only my viewpoint – and I’d love to hear yours! Why not book a holiday villa in Coral Bay or Peyia and travel to Kykkos Monastery yourself? I’d love to know how you perceive what you see there.