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29th November 2016

The miracle of family

Well, what an unexpected and wonderful few days in the UK. After too long, Tony and I were able to spend time with his beautiful daughter, Hayley and her gorgeous children, Gracie and Alfie.

Alfie is 8 today. An avid lego and Star Wars fan, he is a happy, much loved boy with joy in his heart and adventure in his soul. Gracie, a younger version of her beautiful Mum, is a sensitive soul whose world seems to be filled with colour, love and deep care for animals. They are a credit to Hayley – and were a total joy to be around and share too little time with.

Add Tara, Hayleys 10 year old ‘bitsa” dog, who looked like a teddy bear but had the strong nature of a terrier and this is one very special family  – and I’m so grateful to have the chance to be part of it.

There aren’t enough words to thank Hayley for letting us be there and letting the journey towards the future, begin with this brief time but the sun came out in my heart when we met and I know Tony is walking taller and his soul is beginning to find peace. From now, we need to make sure we get together as much as we possibly can, wherever that may be.

Happy Birthday, Alf! xxphoto paphos sea and sun

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