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1st January 2010

The Mine that was Ours

Like most of the rest of the connected world, I’ve been glued to the story of the Chilean miners, trapped for over 2 months in the mine. There are not many things worse than their lengthy ordeal and it was heartwarming to see them all safely out of the mine and back to fresh air and loved ones.

I think of some holiday villa guests who would have you believe that their 7 to 14 days in luxury villa is some sort of pergatory if eg the hot water runs out or an aircon unit drips and I have to keep perspective and humour.

Entrapment is a terrible thing. Minor , mechanical breakdown, just one of those unfortunate things…………

Wishing the miners and their families sunshine, love, good health and peace – just breathe: bet they cannot believe their good fortune in having so many experts dedicate themselves to this incredible rescue….

Category: Cyprus Villas News