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1st May 2014

The marvellous invention of tall bowl holders!

Barney T Rubble, our 7 month old gorgeous, cuddly Akita puppy , has officially ‘grown up ‘ today. He has been ‘in training’ at home, taking on the role of ‘little charge’ to his tiny sisters, “big charge’ while we are out at work but today is an auspicious day: the day his late, great ‘uncle’. Jake, has ‘passed ‘ his tall food bowl holder to Barney.

Jake was just over 80  kilos, aged nearly 6, when he died 18 months ago. Being so tall, we couldn’t put his food bowls on the floor because he couldn’t bend down enough to eat without hurting his neck and back, so we had to invest in ‘tall bowl holders’ – or rather, his Aunty person, Susie Floozy, gifted them to Jake.

Today, Barney was struggling to bend down for his breakfast, so I’ve put his bowl into Jakes tall holders – and Barney was one happy puppy!

Jake is pictured below, chilling out by our pool and looking as happy as he always did – and almost as happy as Barney when he used the holder for the first time!jake