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19th September 2021

The Magic on the Ground

At the side of our kitchen, is a small outside area which holds our stone table and chairs.

It’s been the site of many a party, song and dance and is just a lovely place to chill with loved ones, breaking bread, cracking jokes and helping the economy by consuming too much wine.

It’s also full of leaves, which fall from the overhead vine and carpet the paving, often deep enough to lose your foot in.

But I don’t like to sweep them away.

I love the crunching sound they make – and I love the fact that they’ve lived their lives on the vine, enjoying the sunshine and seasons, then they fall to earth  where they become dust, blow into the air and start living all over again, as they meld with the earth.

Pure magic!

But Karen likes to sweep them away and put them into black bags, ready to dispose of legally. And Tony’s Aunty Carole is exactly the same! She and Michael, ”help me” by cleaning up this area and removing all of the leaves….

It actually hurts me when the leaves go. I find them comforting and magical – and walking on them takes me back in time to being a little girl, walking with my sisters and Nanna in Hebburn Dene. We’d kick through the leaves and sing together. Pure heaven!

Tonight, there is magic everywhere! It’s even beginning to spread into my kitchen where the Hilltop Gang are playing and starting to chase these stray leaves.

I may need to sweep the kitchen – but then again, what’s wrong with a bit of magic?


If you’d like to feel the magic of Cyprus, email to me about villas with clean pools , in either Coral Bay or Peyia. I’m wishing for you , for a great 2022 holiday!

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