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8th November 2019

The magic of a sunset…

It’s true that the best things in life, are free! Though I get there are an awful lot of lovely things that cost money, which can also make a person happy too!

Living on the special island of Cyprus, in the colourful village of Peyia, we’re blessed to be surrounded by some much natural beauty. From the changing coastline to the rolling hills, the fauna and flora to the churches and monuments, this island just rocks!

The whole of the year, brings glory to the island, shining light on different seasonal beauties , in abundance in the meadows and gardens. I can tell which month it is, by looking out at the hillside next to our home and seeing what plants are in ”season” and how green the foliage is. It’s just lovely!

The sun beats down on us across the year; sometimes with a kind and gentle warmth or for the high summer months, with gusto and strength. Now November is upon us, the heat is still very apparent  – 28 degrees! – but the sun is gifting us the extra special treat of the MOST amazing sunsets! (photo below).

If you’ve not been to Cyprus, you should seriously think about coming and experiencing all the island has to offer . Of course, you have to invest in a holiday to have one but the pay back of Cyprus is worth every penny!

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