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11th December 2011

The loss of a special character in the village of Peyia

We learned last night that John, an Englishman who befriended us here in Peyia when we first moved to Cyprus, sadly passed away a few days ago.
In his mid 50s, John leaves behind his wife Linda and his daughter plus many many friends who loved and respected him – and admired his courage!

John was very much ‘his own man’ – and even writing this makes me smile as John was an enthusiastic cross dresser who looked totally wonderful, colourful and happy as he strode the streets of Peyia and Coral Bay, in full makeup, high (purpose made) heels and flowing blonde locks!

Many people didn’t understand him but he was purely an open, lovely and charming person who happened to love womens clothes! Linda loved him and accepted him – as did many of us who knew him. If anything, his courage to be himself, not least in this small place which is very old fashioned, was an inspiration to us!

I’ll remember John fondly for his kindness and concern towards my Mum and Jim when they were living here. Jim couldn’t accept Johns ‘ways’ but my Mum and John were great friends; Mum loving the sometimes outrageous ways John dressed and John just loving mums spirit.

Today, Tony and I feel very sad for Linda and their family – and for all of Johns friends. A light has gone off in Peyia but I feel sure the chandeliers are sparkling in heaven and John will be taking to the angelic dance floor in more feathers , diamonds and sparkles than is absolutely necessary – and god bless him for it!