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1st January 2010

The Lizard Pose

Its been a very , very hot day today. In between checkouts and checkins, I thought it would be helpful to destress and do a little yoga. Still not familliar with the names, I remembered some of the initial poses and got myself very calmly working through praising the Sun God, then the dying swan into the upside down dog (apologies for the mixed up names).

I was “centred” and very happily enjoying the movements and the peace – then my focus was taken up by a very large lizard who seemed to be taking the micky out of me! As i moved, he moved and he was both elegant and very, very quick.

When he rolled back onto all fours, laid forward and arched his back upwards, smling at the sun, I’d had enough. The move was both elegant and effortless – so I gave up!

Cobras to lizards is all I can say!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News