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19th April 2021

The Little Dog in the Mirror: a story of hope.

Once upon a dark and busy road on the way from Peyia to Kathikas, two tiny doggies were dumped from the back of a car.

Following behind, we saw that one dog was a puppy and the other, a little bigger. The poor things were terrified and ran off onto the hillside.

Returning back on the same stretch of road, I was heartened only that there was no sign of them having been hurt by a car- but there was no sign of them at all. They’d disappeared onto the back of ”Sacred Mountain” which overlooks Peyia and where our home is nested on the hillside..

5 days later, the tiny puppy appeared, exhausted on the poolside of our home – and, cutting a long story short, proceeded to spend almost 17 wonderful, happy years with us and our furry gang, as a crucial (and noisy!), part of our family..


Getting the house ready for summer at the weekend, I was cleaning out the space around the stone table, which we’ve made into our ”al fresco” dining room and , as I washed the mirrors which act to reflect the light along the garden wall, I remembered Molly, the little doggy who found us, chasing the dog in the mirror who seemed to live there to torment her!

Molly was tiny. She was also incredibly cuddly and loveable so anyone sitting at our table , would, when the food was cleared away, pick Molly up onto their knees, from where she’d leap onto the table and begin to search out the little dog …

Now the little dog was very clever! As soon as Molly appeared, so did she! Whatever Molly did, the little dog in the mirror copied. Molly hid then barked and guess what! So did the little dog! It was great fun to watch – and obviously drove Molly crazy chasing her reflection from one end of the table to the other!

Like so many memories, it was a painful and beautiful one: As I polished – and cried – I also smiled to think that, a life that had begun with her being dumped on a dark night, led her to be the ”heart of our home”. She was an Angel on tiny legs and I’m so very grateful to have shared her love and earth life.

I hope the Rainbow Bridge has mirrors as I suspect Molly will still be trying to solve her own personal challenge with the little dog living in there!

Keep safe and well – and keep reflecting on how lucky we all are x