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9th April 2015

The joys of holiday wardrobe!

This is the time of year, at the start of the holiday season, that more and more colour fills the area: from flowers to floaty dresses, parasols to beach bags, the village and all of Coral Bay, display ‘happy colours’ and tanned people.

We’ve a joke in the office about some of the holiday shorts or trousers which men wear. We can almost guess what job a man does for a living by the style of his holiday shorts or the colour of this trousers eg a banker is more likely to stick with tailored trousers but wear more ‘soft tailoring ‘ – probably in lemon or pale green!

Today, one of our holiday villa guests came in complaining about his OWN holiday shorts. Apparently his wife had bought them for him. They were loud, bright blue, yellow and white and had many , many pockets in them. A farmer by trade, he was used to overalls or straight forward one pocket ‘kegs’ and just couldn’t ‘work’ these shorts. Anyway, he had locked himself out and was in a tizz coz his wife wanted to get into the villa. We gave him a spare key but asked him to pop it straight back – which he did, telling us he’d ‘found’ the key in the 3rd pocket on the back left of his new shorts – so he’d had it with him all the time!

If you are ready to pack and head to the sunshine, email to me on and I’ll kit you out with a great fun villa! (I didn’t have a photo of holiday shorts so I’m showing you the colourful wooden Easter flowers in the village instead!)

photo easter is coming