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1st January 2010

The joys of aging

The week continues and all is well in the Mother-in-law household! Joan and Bill are having a great time and are very sunkissed and relaxed

Very relaxed. To the point where deafness and a mature age band, seems to allow wind to pass from many orifaces at the same time, regularly and without restraint. The only “pardon” in earshot is for words out of earshot, caused by deafness….

Oh, its joyful! Luckily, Molly is still in sickbay or she’d go straight to the culprit and begin to trace the route of the “missile” but only after giving the offender a very “molly look”!

Luckily, weather is fantastic so its outdoor living for us all – with windows and doors open to allow breezes in- and out!

Fun? We are having a blast!………..

Category: Cyprus Villas News