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1st January 2010

The Joy of Sox

I cannot believe I’ve got as old as I am without ever understanding how wonderful sox are! Having recently returned from the UK where I hit the supermarkets with my enthusiastic baby sister, I bought tons of pairs of sox, in all colours and styles – and am LOVING wearing them!

I’ve discovered how happy it makes me to dress elegantly for work but wear completely sparkly , bright and spotty (hidden) sox under my business attire. It makes me smile just to think of what I’m wearing and makes even the most serious day, a little funnier.

That said, I’ve got so attached to them, that I’m wearing them around the house with slippers and PJs. Nothing matches and I look stupid – think I’m becoming my mother which isn’t a good thing for Tony.

I remember the days when I always had my lippie on and wore everything to match. I’d have been horrified if colours didn’t match or worse, clashed – now, it feels liberating and funny…..

think my hormones are to blame!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News