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1st January 2010

The joy of phone calls

We’ve taken another unexpected call in the office today. A lovely lady , staying in one of our villas in Coral Bay, rang to say there was a mouse in her pool and could we help? Tony advised her to scoop it out with the net but the lady explained it was swimming and she didn’t want to…………Thankfully, Tony didn’t ask “Breast stroke or front crawl?” but simply offered to go to the villa and scoop it out for her.

I think the gang of 8 kittens must be away for the weekend coz this villa garden is one of their haunts. The mouse is probably celebrating his freedom today without being hunted down and just wanted to cool off and chill out for a while.

I’ve asked Tony to take a photo of the mouse when he gets to the villa: I imagine this cheeky little creature is now out of the pool and drying off on the sunbed, getting his tummy tanned and wishing for cheese and less kittens in the region…………..

Tony reckons he’ll have drowned – so I’ve made him hurry down to the villa immediately

(all together now……)

“A mouse lived in a Villa in new Coral Bay; swimming and a-paddling his mornings away……..I saw a mouse! Where? There in the pool, there in the pool, right there! A little mouse with trunks on, there I declare, going “splish, splatterly splosh all the way………”