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1st January 2010

The JAM diet

I’ve tried to get Tony to start the JAM diet with me today. We’re both a “little generous” on the hips and bums so I thought it would be a good idea to do something about it – and we’ve got the perfect solution!

The JAM diet has very simple elements to it:

– no membership plan

– no monthly fees (hmm, will come back to that)

– no weekly club

– no embarrassing lycra!

We simply have to walk Jake, Alfie and Molly up and down the hill twice daily or take them hiking along the seafront each morning! Jake runs away so we can use up calories trying to catch him; Molly only does “stop” or “run away as fast as you can”, so she’s good for a run too -and Alfie will walk for hours, happily at your side, as long as you talk to him or let him listen in to you if you’re chattering about anything he is interested in!

I’ve had two sessions today of JAM: Molly , Alfie and I had a little (very wet ) walk this morning, then Jake, Alfie and I raced up the hill and up and down the deserted road for approx 15 mins, (Molly was snoozing and doesn’t like to be woken up!).

Tony’s “thinking about it”……apparently, JAM would get in the way of his football training (?) and possibly pull the wrong muscles for his golf. I’ve explained as nicely as I can that, if he DOESN’T join in with JAM, the animals and I will have something to say about it – starting with Jake addressing Tonys’ football boots very seriously!…

So far, so good – but walking JAM makes me wobble: hope that stops soon!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News