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21st July 2014

The island that shed a tear

Yesterday, marked the 40th anniversary of the invasion of Cyprus. To this day, the island is still occupied, with Nicosia being the only remaining divided city in the world.

At daybreak yesterday, in memory of all who’ve lost their lives in the conflict, the haunting sound of the siren filled the air across the Republic of Cyprus. Locals wore black, spending the day in mourning for their losses and sadness for the fact the situation stills exists.

Whatever the rights or wrongs, beliefs or lies connected to this situation, much emotional pain and sadness could be felt island wide.

Cypriots have strong emotions and , in the main, great heart: yesterday , as well as a time of reflection should also have been a time of great pride in what has been achieved in the rebuilding of lives and livelihoods.

There are always stars somewhere in the darkness.pissouri bay x