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1st January 2010

THE incident………..

Okay, okay. I have to tell you about this! I’ve tried not to but am shamed into doing so…….. are you sitting comfortably?

The day of my lovely stepfathers 84th birthday, I’d driven to Yialos, the beach taverna chosen for the venue – because I had the cake, candles, cards, balloons etc – so Tony collected Mum and Jim (the birthday boy) and met us down there (with Sue, Ray, Aggs and Keith).

We had a great afternoon! Mums first time out since leaving hospital. Jims 84th birthday and a lovely time to relax and spend with the great friends who’ve helped us so much to care for the wrinklies. Wine flowed. And flowed. And flowed some more. Then there were brandies. Then more wine…………..then it was time to leave.

In my warped sense of “piddledness” – is there such a word? – I thought it would be good if I could drive my own car home because we live approx 2.5 miles uphill (steep hill~) from the taverna. Tony wasn’t too pleased about this – understandably – but the sea air didn’t hit me until I tried to move my car, drove approx 100 metres up the private road near the taverna and realised I shouldn’t be driving. So I stopped, knowing Tony (who doesn’t drink) was driving behind me and I could “cadge” a lift – which I did.

Getting home to the top of our (very steep -you need to get this) hill, I thanked tony for bringing me home and said I was worried about my bag and credit cards/booking forms, which had been in my car – then I fell asleep.


Three days later when Tony began to talk to me again, it turned out that he had very chivalrously, walked the 2.5 miles back down the hill and collected my car, to get my bag/credit cards and booking forms and bring them home – but that when he’d got home, I’d already put them in his car when I jumped in when he “rescued” me and they were home all the time…………………

I tried NOT to laugh because I was totally at fault but I reasoned that my wonderful, totally sober husband should have seen me putting them in his car and carrying them into the house – but I agree, I shouldn’t have been tiddled in the first place.

So, we have a bit of a stalemate and I feel awful AND we are going there again tomorrow – so am leaving my car, cards, bag and forms at home. …………Sue and Ray are coming with us and they witnessed the first “incident”: so they are very curious to see what happens next.

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