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1st January 2010

The Incident -2!

The loyal readers amongst you will remember the First Incident. Yesterday, I’m embarrassed to say, incident number 2 occured……

Let me explain……..Sadly, there have been a number of petty thefts recently in the Coral Bay and Peyia area. With work now quite hard to find, some of the younger people are taking to crime, which is not only bad but also totally out of character for the area. Its also very worrying.
I can see our home from our new office and yesterday, noticed that while Tony and I working in the office, I looked up to our home and noticed the sun glinting off what must have been a car, which was parked in my “little driveway” where I leave mine. I asked Tony if he’d sent anyone to do any work and he hadnt so I got scared. The car didn’t move and I got worried, not about theft which would have been terrible but about my animals being hurt….
so I jumped into Tonys truck and rushed up the hill, taking the small village bends at silly speed and nearly turning the truck over but I felt every second counted…
Reaching the bottom of our hill, I was able to see our home clearly and saw that the car was still parked there………….only it was, erm, my car which we’d left there at home that morning coz we’d travelled to work together so that I could go on the girly lunch , via taxi and not have to worry about driving………..
Did I feel stupid?
Yes but only when I stopped rolling about laughing!
Suffice to say the animals were all fine – but Tony didn’t think it was funny at all and put it down to me needed to share Alfies dementia tablets!
Hey, ho – and that was before drinking!

Category: Cyprus Villas News