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1st January 2010

The “I” that is “we”

Tony hasn’t been too well lately so sensibly went for blood tests and a thorough checkup, which have revealed a couple of blossoming problems that he needs to take notice of now, to stop them becoming very serious. Thank god he checked!

So, I went with him yesterday to the hospital while he had a scan and a few more tests and we met the most wonderful doctor, who made us laugh about his proposed treatment for Tony – till I got home and realised just how much this affected me…..

Apparently “we” are on a strict diet, having to change our eating habits quite drastically and cut out some of our favourite things. “We” also need to exercise more- at least 30-40 mins per day walking – so I was up at the crack of dawn walking the dogs. I did make Tony come along though!

So, “we ” are going to be feeling a whole lot better when “we” go for our next checkup – but “me” will be sneaking a few GnTs when “we” aren’t looking!

Category: Cyprus Villas News