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18th August 2019

The House of the Big Hairy Dog!

What’s a dog to do?

Barney T. Rubble is a magnificent, 65 kilos of fur and love – matched with the type of bark which can , ”shiver the timbers” of anyone nearby – but still THEY come onto his territory……. let me explain…

Right now, as Sunday lunch is cooking; Yorkshire Puddings are rising admirably and the gravy is thick and as it should be, Barney’s garden has , ”visitors”……. Not exactly the garden but these cheeky arrivals are walking the perimeter, jangling their bells, eating the top of the grapevine and worse, staring at Barney from their vantage point on the wall! He is NOT impressed!

It’s been a bad day. Harry Cat, the Feral Cat, who is being fed twice daily by me, (and don’t tell anyone but I’ve fallen for him BIG STYLE), has now brought two friends: black kitten and the angry tortoiseshell one! Harry is sort of happy to share food, as there is so very much food – and milk – and fresh fish- but Barney isn’t happy at all! Can you believe, this cheeky threesome use HIS garden to run through en route to the food?! Terrible.

So today, Barney has been on patrol.

Or would have been if we hadn’t bought him some treats which he likes to enjoy whilst lying under the air-conditioning in his bedroom….. BUT beware, when all the yummy things in his house are gone , Barney T Rubble will be back with a Purpose!….. (maybe: he’s just about to have a Yorkshire pudding….)

Come and meet the crazy animals here. Rent a villa with private pool or apartment in great location. Coral Bay or Peyia, email to – but don’t enter Barney’s territory without biscuits/meat/chews/well, anything edible really!

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